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The Story Goes On is a hack n' slash, beat 'em up style game centered around a randomly generated maze.

There are currently three different sectors, each with their own theme: forest, snow, and haunted. More sectors will be added over time. Along your adventure, you will come across random bosses ranging from a thief armed only with a sword to a large, self-duplicating snake. These bosses are also randomly generated and you will run into them whether you're ready or not. However, if you aren't ready, you will be met by a vendor who sells various items and upgrades such as health potions, speed upgrades, and even sword upgrades (scrolls). These can be purchased with points, which are obtained by simply killing enemies.

We plan to at least double the content in the game before it's release.

The game keeps going on until you are defeated, after which your final score will be displayed and may be placed on an online leaderboard.

Unique Features
The Story Goes On is not intended to be a ripoff of The Binding of Isaac in any way. It is a simple fasted paced hack n' slash with many unique features making it a completely different game.

Hack n' Slash, Fast Paced Combat
Based around your sword, the combat is fast and challenging. Facing off against a variety of enemies, use your obtained power-ups to master your melee.

Linear & Puzzle Based Layout
Once you leave a room, you may never return. Choose each direction carefully and if you find yourself lost, remember there always may be another way.

Free-flowing Controls
Aiming with your mouse in 360 degress, the controls are smooth and to-the-point.

The Scar is the fierce band of thieves that owns this maze. Taking the form of man, animal, or monster, each member of The Scar guards their respective sector. You must face off against each to take back the story.


This story is of a man, brave at heart, but starved at home.
In desperation, he travelled in search of wealth and adventure.
One day, he stumbled upon a labyrinth unmatched in size--and in it lay a treasure of riches beyond his wildest dreams. Little did he know, this fortune rested in the clutches of The Scar, a fierce gang of thieves darker than the shadows themselves. The man accepted the challenge, unaware of the dangers ahead.

This man's fate--our grandfather's fate--has remained unknown for 30 years.


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